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I have come to the conclusion.

2007-08-07 00:08:00 by numbers

That blogs are made for people who think people actually give a damn about what they have to say.

And 13-19 year old angsty shitheads who insult the "society" and try to rebel instead of being nice little hippies.

That and I'm gonna stop wasting time writing a blog when I could've been sucking some good ol' delicious black cock.


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2007-08-07 00:08:41

"And 13-19 year old angsty shitheads who insult the "society"" - This being the majority of the internet. More importantly Newgrounds.


2007-08-07 01:15:52

We don't do it because someone cares, we do it to blurt out our thoughts or something.
At least that's the situation for me


2007-08-07 03:33:48


(Updated ) numbers responds:

Unnghhghrfr don't doo thaaat to me matty!! It just reminds me how I can never be with you :(


2007-08-07 11:37:09

or for those who make flash... but you like to use your blog to gloat about how many dicks you took in your mouth at once last night...

but hell, i'd be bragging, too, if i set a new record of 47!

numbers responds:

Well Flash is another matter because it adds art to the site.

Advertisting whores >:F

I sucked six in a row. Sadly.


2007-08-07 19:30:02

I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you babe. :<


2007-08-11 13:41:41

u suk numbrs


2007-08-11 23:23:00

NOW PLAYING: Rage Against the Machine - Calm Like a Bomb


2007-08-12 13:44:03

I thought you'd enjoy my blogs =O

numbers responds:

Not until you take a picture of yourself AND PROVE MY FANTASIES OF YOU BEING A TRANNY RIGHT. :'(


2007-08-13 00:26:48

I write sexual things behind the computer because I think they are funny, but by each letter I hit I die inside, the failure wrenched at my heart, I then took a drive around your block starring at your house, thinking thoughts that have plagued my sleep. I talked to kids at your school, they say you are quiet and sit all alone. I know every detail about you I drive by your house at night. I think you know what I'm talking about

numbers responds:

Mmmm you better. :-*

And ya. Ya. I'm a faggot that hides in the corner with my laptop while all the cool kids throw shit at me. I'm used to it.


2007-08-18 20:38:47

Stop being gay, numbers.


2007-08-20 14:05:16

why did you remove me from your portal buddies you stupid ngger

numbers responds:

Your flash wasn't gay enough baby :( Be like Sinsijter and get gayer!!!!1


2007-08-22 15:52:37

sex cum sex so damn old. I guess socially inept fat fucks like you can't think of anything else

numbers responds:

cum cucmu msex sex dick cucm cucm cums eix sex cum dis cusk sex cuck dick sock


2007-08-22 21:53:59

quite so

numbers responds:

SHE LIVES!!!!11 :o *blush*